YDKJ Charity of the Month – American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey

by Alice Magdziak • February 1, 2017 • CharityComments (0)1472

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey has been in the news lately along with their National offices across the river because of the Executive Order against immigrants and refugees.  Lawyers sprang to action for these people who could be coming to the United States with nothing in their pockets looking for a life without violence, war and any freedom at all.

But, the ACLU NJ doesn’t just help refugees.  They also advocate for New Jerseyans who can’t afford to advocate for themselves.  Just browsing the front page news on their website lets you see into the recent cases they’ve brought.  They sued to keep the right to film law enforcement officers entact. They are fighting for developmentally disabled kids in incarceration to have access to special education. They are working to reform the rules around solitary confinement. The ACLU NJ is in the trenches ensuring that governments with an agenda that doesn’t suit the people who they are supposed to be representing.

Now, more than ever, we need to keep the ACLU running flush with cash so that they can keep their eyes open while we’re getting bombarded with attacks to our rights every single day.

Please consider donating something to them today.

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