Pictures of the Week – A Return Trip to The Taco Truck in Hoboken

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The Taco Truck in Hoboken was one of the first places we ever reviewed.  Last weekend we returned to try their monthly special, the peanut mole taco.  The pictures were so beautiful that we ended up having a flurry of Instagram posts on Saturday from the restaurant. So, we’re showing you the glorious feast we had via our Picture of the Week feature rather than writing up an entirely new review. It’s still really great food so you can read our previous review and then drool over all these new pictures.

Part of our appetizer order was the Quesadilla Las Gringas with pork, pineapple, green salsa and cheese.  Frankly, this is probably the best quesadilla I’ve ever had.  A little spicy, a little sweet and a whole lot of flavor. We exclaimed so loudly about our love of these tasty triangles that the people sitting next to us were driven to ask what it was we were having.  We gave them a piece!

The Peanut Mole Taco came with barbacoa braised beef, corn and chipotle hot sauce.  The taco was spicy, rich and lightly peanuty.  It reminded me of a Thai flavor because of the peanuts which I thought was an interesting avenue for mole and beef.

Another revelation in taste was the Berenjena torta.  Classic torta bread and toppings with crispy eggplant and avocado.  Wow! This is one of those sandwiches that I could eat every day.

The Street Corn was great, too.  Just like the classic corn on the cob street food but easier to eat since the kernels were removed from the cob.  Cojita cheese, mayo and lime topped off the corn.

Check out all the pictures from our revisit to The Taco Truck in Hoboken:

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