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by Alice Magdziak • April 19, 2017 • Bergen, Dinerland, FoodComments (0)1628

Discovering a diner that’s only minutes from your house and yet you’ve never heard of it is like finding a unicorn.  We recently found such a place at Legends Diner in Secaucus.  We were looking for a breakfast place that we hadn’t tried before and Legends just happened to show up on Yelp.  What??  A diner we’ve never heard of less than 15 minutes from our house?  We had to check it out.

Formerly the Metro Diner, Legends has all the amenities of a 24 hour diner.  Great burgers, amazing breakfast and friendly staff members.  Our classic breakfast order was spot on for every dish.

The corned beef omelette was cooked well-done and was chock full of ingredients.  The home fries were very crispy which we love.

The Taylor Ham, egg and cheese sandwich was spot on, too.  Eggs tasted nice and fresh and the meat was plentiful but not overwhelmingly stacked up.

Their pancakes were the giant spongy diner hotcakes that are so delicious and SO filling.  Really, there was nothing we could find that was amiss at breakfast.

And, honestly, we loved our lunch there, too.  The chicken tenders might not have been the most exciting ones we’ve ever had but they were crispy outside and juicy inside and served with honey mustard or BBQ sauce.  What else could we have asked for?

The mushroom burger was outstanding.  Served on an English muffin—which is an option that we love to find—the burger was juicy and the mushroom were grilled and delicious.  The fries were good hearty diner fries.

Our cheesesteak had a ton of veggies on it which isn’t something that we find every day but it was great.  They weren’t overcooked and stringy peppers and onions, either.  They still had some snap to them and were cut pretty thick so they weren’t just an afterthought to the meat and cheese.  I really liked the bread this came on, too.  It was crusty but not hard to tear into, and also soaked up all the meat juice and cheese well.

So, if you’re in the Secaucus area and want to check out an our-of-the-way diner that’s guaranteed to fill you up and make you happy, find Legends Diner on your GPS and head on over.

Check out all the pictures from our visits to Legends Diner:

Legends Diner

130 County Avenue, Secaucus


Open 24 hours.

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