Liv Lombardi Tour Diary – On the Road to New Mexico, Part I

by Alice Magdziak • July 5, 2017 • MusicComments (0)1556

Liv Lombardi has a voice that you just can’t forget once you’ve heard it.  She’s one of my favorite singer/songwriters in New Jersey and I’m lucky to call her a friend.  She is touring her way to New Mexico to record a new album and has agreed to write a tour diary for us. Liv is funding the new record with an IndieGoGo campaign so please help her with a donation.

She’s traveling with Matthew Smith of Hodera who is playing solo sets on this tour. We first met Matthew through a show that Liv put on several years ago so if you know about Hodera from us, it’s also because of Liv.

Here’s Liv’s first tour diary entry:

Day 1: Montclair, NJ > Lancaster, PA

Drove all afternoon to play a sweet house show in Lancaster, PA. I am feeling the distance I am physically putting between myself and “home.” Remembering again and always that home is not so much a physical place, but the heart space I attend to.
I had been so ready to leave NJ for so long that my departure this morning felt long overdue and just right. Here I am again, on the road.

Tonight, after the gig, we packed up the car and are headed to Pittsburgh to crash at a friend’s house.

We have a three hour drive ahead of us, Springsteen blasting in the speakers and fireworks sounding off in the distance. Happy Fourth of July! I couldn’t be more thrilled to be driving through the cool, summer night with my best friend by my side and a whole lot of Love swelling up in my heart.

Day 2: Pittsburgh, PA >> Columbus, OH

We scored a hotel room last night in Pittsburgh! Woke up refreshed and drove a few hours to Columbus. Matt and I parked out at “One Line Coffee” to get some emails written and computer work done. I was floored when I connected to the internet to find that my fundraiser page received an anonymous donation of $1000 this morning. So amazed by that. It has me super charged up for this tour and to get to Santa Fe to record!

Playing a Fourth of July party tonight near OSU. It’s sure to be a rowdy time…at least it seems that way already 😉

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