YDKJ Song Premiere: New Single ‘Alcohol Store’ from Quality Living

by Ed Magdziak • January 26, 2018 • Arts & Entertainment, MusicComments (0)1378

I like alcohol, especially whiskey. I like summer nights, warm and breezy with crickets providing an ambient soundtrack. Therefore it is with great pleasure we premiere the new single “Alcohol Store” from Ringwood band Quality Living. The song is buoyant and bright, cruising along like a convertible on an August day at the shore. It is a welcome blast of warm air in the middle of winter. If a smile doesn’t cross your face while listening you may want to go ahead and check yourself for a pulse.

“I started playing around with the main chord progression/vocal hooks something like a year ago. The usual for us is that we gradually work out and revise our parts ’til it all clicks.” guitarist/vocalist Darrel Norrell explained on how they achieved he airy sound. “Joe (Caravaglia) did that Burt Bacharach thing on trumpet again. Gets us every time. It’s also one of the last songs we did with George (Serr) on drums.”

I asked Norrell where the inspiration for the song came from. “As far as content and meaning and such, I was thinking of gatherings I’ve been to in the past. Those things are simpler for other people than they have been for me, maybe (I often wonder if many others just hide it well). Good feelings and nervous, anxious feelings are clashing, and meanwhile, you’re drinking.”

Norrell perfectly sums up the real secret of the song’s allure. “Did you hear the crickets? I love the crickets.”

This Saturday, band, on the Sniffling Indie Kids label, is at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick with some friends and great acts: Pioneer the eel, The Components, The Afraid Brigade, Antoine Poncelet.

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