Foxanne Releases Studio Debut With Haunting EP ‘halfing’

by Katie Miller • April 14, 2018 • Arts & Entertainment, MusicComments (0)1082

Foxanne is an artist that is difficult to place in any one category. For several years now the band has been playing NJ and NYC, teasing us with demos along the way. Now, the world has finally been graced with their first studio EP, halfling. Backed by a tight rhythm section, Foxanne’s delivery on this is nothing short of extraordinary.

halfling is an exceptional 6-song collection, both groovy and ambient. “Queen of the Lost Boys” starts us out with a gorgeous a cappella melody, carried by Foxanne alone. Right off the bat, she demonstrates the full dynamics of her vocal abilities on this track, ranging from a whisper to a roar. This is not the kind of voice you hear every day. From there the album hits its stride and carries all the way through to its closer, “Big Mouth.”

Album highlights include… well, just about every track is a highlight. Foxanne is the kind of songwriter who doesn’t stick to one formula. “Heavy Dog” is an ambient lullaby, bolstered by the ghostly harmonies of Jeff Taylor. “Whiskey and Strawberries” is a ripper, the kind of song that makes you want to kiss and fight somebody at the same time. Foxanne hits a high point in this song, showing us all just how powerful her sound can be. “Little Hands” and “Tell Me” are indie bops with lilting melodies, gently moving us along to the big ending. “Big Mouth” is the perfect closer to halfling. It’s a jarring, almost heavy song, with intertwined weirdnesses that remind me of something between Regina Spektor and the Dirty Projectors.

This is a debut that Foxanne and her band can certainly be proud of. Each song stands out from the others structurally and melodically, yet Foxanne’s voice and sound palette unite them into one cohesive work. The instrumentation on halfling is minimal–featuring only a guitar, bass and drums–yet it still manages to reach a certain fullness that truly immerses the listener without ever being boring. Foxanne’s halfling is a work that could be catalogued with current indie trends, but for the sheer power and precision of Foxanne’s voice and songwriting.

Track List:

  1. Queen of the Lost Boys
  2. Heavy Dog (featuring Jeff Taylor)
  3. Whiskey and Strawberries
  4. Little Hands
  5. Tell Me
  6. Big Mouth

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