5 Reasons to Attend Electric Halloween

by Katie Miller • October 11, 2018 • Arts & Entertainment, EventsComments (0)1080

Halloween is right around the corner and there is no better way to celebrate than to head to Electric Halloween on October 19 & 20. Electric Halloween, located in Millville, NJ, is a Halloween-themed music festival in South Jersey that features musical acts across all genres, art installations, camping, a magic show, and more. Halloween-lovers near and far return year after year to enjoy the magic of the festival. If you need convincing to buy a ticket, look no further. Electric Halloween has it all:

1. Variety of Music – Every year Electric Halloween presents the most eclectic yet enjoyable bill of music of all the local festivals. It ranges from electronic and jam music to hardcore and rock & roll. This festival is a chance to be exposed to something new that you might not have known you liked. You might just fall in love with a new artist that sounds unlike anything you’ve heard before. Halloween is a time for us to step outside ourselves and the music at this festival creates the perfect setting for just that.

2. Meshing of Subcultures – It’s not every day that followers of different music genres have the opportunity to mingle together and learn about each other. Electric Halloween is a place where people of all artistic tastes and come together and enjoy one another’s company. Here, people connect and reconnect over and over, expanding the Electric Halloween family year by year. You may even learn something about yourself in the process.

3. Artists & Art Installations – Electric Halloween brings visuals to kill. The grounds will be transformed into a true Halloween scene with an art tent to explore as well as large scale installations. There will be live painting by 12 different regional artists as well as Fractal Art Collective, all of whom are sure to tantalize your optic nerves. Everywhere you look you’ll find something to intrigue or frighten, perhaps both…

4. Activities & Games – Electric Halloween features Halloween-themed games–who doesn’t love a good Mummy Wrap?? The legendary Magik Mike will be putting on an extra special magic show that is sure to leave you scratching your head, and maybe a little scared. And make sure you have your costumes ready in time because there will be two days of costume contests for single and group costumes.

5. Southwind Winery – The grounds of the festival are unique, to say the least. Festival-goers will pull down a narrow driveway up to a mansion that almost seems haunted from the outside. Southwind Winery features acres of beautiful farmland, a rustic barn, horses to gaze upon, and no shortage of their delicious Southwind wine. Make sure you try the sangria!

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