Tell Myself It’s Fine: Introducing Scout’s First Single “Maybe”

by Brian Erickson • October 20, 2018 • Arts & Entertainment, MusicComments (0)1003

As 2017 wound down, Devon Alana closed up shop on Fun While You Wait. And in just three short years, Alana & Co had gone from hawking homemade demo CDs to playing packed houses at Starland Ballroom and the Stone Pony.

But Alana has started back up again with an exciting new band of familiar faces, and with that has gifted us their very first single, “Maybe.” Built from a plucky CJ Reycraft guitar riff, one thing becomes immediately evident: Alana has ditched her ukulele. In its place, she’s opted for electric guitar. Her voice is as pitch-perfect as ever and “Maybe” cruises along on the boom-thwack backbeat of drummer Jake Resnick and the bright, unifying bass of perennially underrated four-stringer Bill Lambusta.

Like an expert chef with a new cast of line cooks, Alana’s familiar sense of melody and expert execution keep longtime fans grounded while Reycraft, Resnick, and Lambusta add a new flavor to the stew. All this makes “Maybe” a welcome return for Devon Alana and a promising debut for Scout.

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