Haddon Township’s Tom Turcich is on a World Walk

by Alice Magdziak • January 30, 2019 • Jersey Folk, Newsy JerseyComments (0)1090

Tom Turcich lost his friend, Anne Marie, when she was just seventeen years old. To honor her and to raise money for a scholarship in her name, he devised a plan to walk around the entire earth. It took him about ten years to get everything together and in 2015 he started out from New Jersey.

From Tom’s Instagram account: @theworldwalk

Last December, he celebrated his 1000th day walking. You’ll notice that he started almost four years ago and he’s only walked 1000 days. That’s because you run into a lot of problems and illnesses when you take the long way around. You can follow his incredible journey through his website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and from his AMAs on Reddit.

Tom’s dog, Savannah, from his Reddit account

On his way through Texas at the beginning of his trip, he adopted a dog to travel with him. She is all over his Instagram account and is the definition of “faithful companion.”
Follow Tom with us as he continues his walk around the world. He’s currently in Tunisia on his way to Italy. We’ll definitely be meeting up with him when he gets back home to New Jersey in a few years!

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