YDKJ Song Premiere: Rosey Bengal Experiment With Their Sound for “Silk City Lockdown”

by Ed Magdziak • March 27, 2019 • Newsy JerseyComments (0)1315

You Don’t Know Jersey is thrilled to premiere the new song “Silk City Lockdown” from Rosey Bengal. I first heard of Rosey Bengal a few years ago when we were looking for bands to join a show we were sponsoring. Their perfect blend of indie, folk and modern Americana was just what we were looking for and they were a clear hit with the crowd.

For their new track, “Silk City Lockdown,” the band takes their well established format and turns it around by amping up the psychedelic elements. The song floats on a wave of distorted guitar. The vocals feature lots of echo and there is some amazing, standout synth work. It is an infectious, dreamlike song that demands multiple listens to fully enjoy all the layers the song has to offer. Who knew we would ever get shoe-gaze out of Rosey Bengal?

“”Silk City Lockdown” is an attempt to try and do something new with our sound and create a narrative that is out of my typical ‘comfort zone.'” explains singer/songwriter/guitaist Evan Luberger. “Instead of writing from a personal perspective, the fictional dramatics portrayed in the song are more akin to something like a dystopian phantom of the opera.”

Luberger continues, “The main idea for this tune has been sitting around for years but finally with the help of the band (James Abbott, Rich Slurry, Brandon Valdez, Nicole Abbott, and Adam Pumilla) it was given a life of its own.”

The song is the first single off their upcoming album Ghillie Suit out June 21st on Mint 400 Records. They have a release show a day earlier at FM Restaurant Bar and Lounge in Jersey City with Francie Moon and others to be added.

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