YDKJ Spooky Video Premiere: “Grave Robbing” From Mister Tom

by Ed Magdziak • October 3, 2019 • Arts & Entertainment, MusicComments (0)1244

Here at You Don’t Know Jersey there is no holiday we love more than Halloween. So much so that Alice and I got married on October 31st. Therefore we are spookily horrified to premiere the new video “Grave Robbing” from Mister Tom.

The song is from the forthcoming Mister Tom Halloween-themed album Smell My Feet out this Friday on Mint 400 Records. Whether you’re looking for tales of murderous shopkeepers, love songs dedicated to cryptids, or a fervent defense of grave robbing as a vocation and lifestyle, Smell My Feet delivers the ghoulish folk rock you crave. Mister Tom is backed up on the album by stellar local musicians Shane-Michael Vidaurri, Alec Hanslowe, Alan Rigoletto, and Jonathan Lango. With songs like the folksy “Mommy is a Monster” and the crooning in “Jersey Devil,” you’re guaranteed a frighteningly fun listen.

Mister Tom

Like a charlatan of old, Mister Tom writhes and emotes in “Grave Robbing”—similar to Nick Cave when he commands a stage. The song is a Bride of Frankenstein marriage between 50s surf music and The White Stripes. The video is directed by Mike Jaworski and he certainly creates a dark, foreboding at atmosphere here playing with purple lighting and shadows.

So turn out the lights, try on your Halloween costume, grab some candy corn and watch “Grave Robbing” below. If you dare..mwhaaaaaa!!

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