LKFFCT Release Joyous ‘We All Hold It Up Together’ At Just The Right Time

by Ed Magdziak • May 18, 2020 • Arts & Entertainment, MusicComments (0)955

These are quite the uncertain times. Unprecedented as well. To be blunt, it sucks. Big time. COVID-19 is having a devastating effect across all facets of life. In these daunting days one of the things I have turned to, like many of us, is music. When I look back at some of the happiest memories while covering music in New Jersey one band always brings a big, goofy grin to the face of my crusty old soul. That band is LKFFCT. Their first full length album in 3 years, We All Hold It Up Together is an absolute joy and the timing could not be better.

The album kicks off with “Love,” an upbeat tune reminding us that take comfort in the things we love. They are what makes us happiest and that is perfectly all right. No matter what they are. Could be your puppy or kitty, pasta and cheese, your barber shop or your weed. Singer/Guitarist Max Rauch’s staccato delivery reminds me of Joe Strummer’s vocals on “The Magnificent Seven.” It gets you moving right away as it leads into Killers territory with “& Validation” and the incredible guitar interplay that Rauch & Keith Williams always seem to achieve with ease.

“Death Reign” is an absolute beast and one of the best on an album filled with great tunes. It speeds along with ferocity and captures a little of what we are all currently feeling. Brian Legentil’s pulsing bass and Ryan Baredes’ frenetic drum work here show the band’s rhythm section at the top of their game. That cathartic release abuts nicely against the happiness of “Community” with its buoyancy. The sunshine after the storm. Enjoy the smooth jazzy saxophone outro by guest musician, Harrison Bieth.

When all the material is this great it is difficult to resist the urge to review every tune. The hypnotic, dreamy “Rose Gold” shows the band playing with psychedelic touches. “Good Enough!!” highlights new member Ken De Poto’s skills on the keys in a quintessential LKFFCT sing-a-long romp. I imagine myself holding hands with the band as we gleefully walk along on closers “Sweet Jambalaya” and “Human Symmetry.”

We had Pizza With the Band with LKFFCT last Friday on Zoom and we found that you might think the title We All Hold It Up Together was used based on the current times but no. Rauch explained they had this title well before the current world health crisis. I don’t doubt this as the positivity this band always exudes reflects this sentiment. They got your back during the good times and bad.

I am not saying LKFFCT is the best band in New Jersey. But they are certainly in the running. And, they are definitely the best band to eat pizza together online with.

Album out now on Pizza Bagels Records.

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