Introducing Devil’s Brew – Collaboration with Cozz Coffee to Support the Community Food Bank of NJ

by Alice Magdziak • November 12, 2020 • Charity, Food, Holiday, Things We LikeComments (0)757

When our friend John Cozzarelli recently started Cozz Coffee, we immediately thought about working on a collaboration with him on a YDKJ coffee. We love love love coffee and are always searching for the perfect cup. We know John’s got great coffee-sense and we know he’s incredibly creative so it was a total no-brainer to work together on the perfectly balanced cup of coffee. When he suggested that we make it a charitable endeavor, things really fell into place.

As long-time supporters and volunteers at food banks and food pantries, we know that COVID-19 has decimated local pantries and the regional food banks that support the locals. Thousands more people and families every month are food-insecure either because of illness, job-loss, or a combination of factors. This is why we’ve chosen the Community Food Bank of New Jersey to support with 50% of the profits from this coffee blend.

The You Don’t Know Jersey consensus for great coffee hails from Ethiopia. This three bean blend called Devil’s Brew was created to balance and highlight the unique flavors of Ethiopian coffee. In your face high end green tea flavor notes are balanced with the rich caramel flavors of a Central American medium roast. Light bodied and bright with a well rounded finish. Simply delicious.

Yirgacheffe is also the most famous region of Ethiopian coffee because it was the first region of Ethiopian to offer washed coffees. We thought this was just another great reason to include this type of bean in our blend.

Head over to Cozz Coffee’s website now to order your own bag (or two!) to help out the CFB-NJ!

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