The ‘A Christmas Story – Leg Lamp’ Award for House Decorating Goes to Clifton Dentist

by Donald Hanson • December 20, 2020 • Newsy JerseyComments (0)775

Some years ago, I awarded the Dentist on Grove Street in Clifton the ‘Clark Griswold Award’ for Excessive Christmas House Decorating. This year, he decided to take the Leg Lamp scene from the classic holiday movie, ‘A Christmas Story’ and run with it… and he really ran with it. Check out our video and photo gallery of his 2020 display complete with mannequins wearing lingerie and face masks. It is quite an interesting sight. Oh, and there is a giant skeleton elf or Santa? with a group of smaller skeleton minions as well. I guess he’s getting bored with the same old Christmas display. Check out our video and photo gallery below.

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