Food Picture of the Week – The Chapo from Ciao Bagel & Deli

by Ed Magdziak • February 20, 2021 • FoodComments (0)448

I am not one given to hyperbole but I’ve just had a life-changing burrito. I am a big fan of the breakfast burrito so when Alice told me she found a place we hadn’t yet been to that supposedly served excellent ones I was excited enough to get out of bed very early on a Saturday.

With thoughts of delicious, warm, soft tubes of meat, egg and cheese dancing in my head we drove to Ciao Bagel & Deli in East Rutherford. They had a handwritten sign above the register announcing the type of burritos available. Now in my experience if the sign is handwriten you can expect some good eats. Why you ask? If it is handwritten that means it changes often–meaning the ingredients are usually fresh.

That is when I noticed the word that usually gets my mouth watering.


Say it with me. Chorizo. That beautifully seasoned pork that brings a smile to my drooling face. The Chapo burrito had a ton of this delectable meat along with delicately cooked eggs and fresh avocado. They certainly don’t skimp on the avocado.

It was the best breakfast burrito I’ve ever had. Say hi to the owner Franco!

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