Food Picture of the Week – Johnny’s Pork Roll and Coffee too

by Ed Magdziak • March 13, 2021 • FoodComments (0)653

Earlier in the week I had a crazy idea. I wanted to catch the sunrise at the shore. Wake up super early, head down the Parkway, brave the cold and capture that perfect moment. I also had another crazy idea. Let’s put a poll up on Instagram and see if our fans thought we should go to Johnny’s Pork Roll and Coffee too in Red Bank afterwards. Of course the only 2 possible responses were “YES” and “HELL YES.” Our good friend Ed Wood of the Only Posers Don’t Listen to Podcast reached out and asked if we could meet up there. Hell yes was the only answer to this as well. We’ve know Ed for years, seeing him at shows is always a welcome site. Whether it be Battery Electric, The Front Bottoms, or Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, Ed always gets 100% into the show.

So after visiting Sandy Hook and getting the sunrise shot we took a leisurely drive along the Navesink River and arrived in Red Bank. Ed showed up shortly after. He brought his friend and co-podcaster Spencer Peles along after waking him up and letting him know he was heading out for pork roll…now! One of the best things about getting to Red Bank early is that we all got parking close to the place. If you know Red Band you know the parking spaces fill up fast.

The biggest decision one faces when going to Johnny’s is which sandwich do you get. There are way too many delicious options. You can get the classic pork roll, egg and cheese on a hard roll. There’s the Western with pork roll, provolone, and egg with sauteed peppers & onions. The Hawaiian and the Reuben. That being said 3 of the 4 of us went with the Cubano. Pork roll, Swiss, golden mustard, mayo and pickles–pressed and grilled to perfection. We devoured them while talking with the always high-energy Johnny about getting his start with the food truck, his DJing history including at the renowned alternative and new wave club Aldo’s in Lyndhurst and the insanity of paying $500 for a pair of sneakers.

The simple act of sitting with friends and sharing a meal felt so wonderful. Alice and I have been quite frankly blessed to have met so many creative, inspiring, and talented people through You Don’t Know Jersey. This is why we do it.

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