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“I won’t grow up. I will never even try.” – Peter Pan

I am reminded of this when a friend brings me two scoops of ice cream at 10 am in the morning the day after losing my beloved dog Lucky. I eat it for breakfast without shame. We are never too old for this simple comfort, and I had been awaiting the opening of the shop it came from for months. I’m sad and this helps, both the thought and the taste.

If you’ve been following me here, you know that the street I am living on in Edison NJ has exploded in the last few months. There have been multiple street festivals and live music four times a week throughout the spring and summer. The driving force behind this was the Chamber of Commerce and one business in particular: the Coffee House. Owners Mike and Marla Fisher committed to hosting local musicians and artists every weekend for the last seven months. They did so while managing that popular breakfast and lunch spot and planning and executing their expansion into The Ice Cream House at a new location just across the street.

Owners Mike and Marla Fisher, hours before the Ice Cream House in Edison opened its doors for the first
time in November

The shop’s “Jersey Shore” theme was the vision of Marla from the start. More than just ice cream comes and scoops, the Ice Cream House offers homemade chocolates, waffles, soft serve, malted milk shakes, root beer floats, fudge, taffy, pies, party cakes and retro candies like red vines and caramel creams. The creative menu was limited only by Marla and Mike’s imaginations. Their selections are well thought out and appeal to kids, adults, and inner children.

There are sugar free and vegan flavors, and the pup cups are made by hand at the shop. You will find mature choices like cannoli and matcha on the shake list, sweet and savory crepes, and acai bowls too. If you don’t see what you had in mind there be sure to ask, because if they can I bet they will.

The Jersey Shore mural inside the Ice Cream House in Edison, by Metuchen artist Dan Koval

Opening in the dullness of fall doesn’t seem to have hurt them a bit either. The Clara Barton neighborhood has made it clear they are happy to be able to go “down the shore” simply by walking down the street. Business is steady and the special orders are flowing in. Stepping inside brings you immediately back to summer and defines a unique class of independent business that is fully Jersey inspired as well as “Jersey Girl” owned and operated.

Fresh made-to-order bubble waffle cone!
Sundae with fruity cereal topping
Classic banana split

Though it was not by design, it’s worth noting that some of the best Jersey Shore musicians logged time on Amboy Avenue at the Coffee House’s invitation this summer as Marla refined the ice cream shop’s menu. The transformation of a blah office space into an appealing sweet shop that met her standards took more time than expected and has proven to be well worth the wait. It now shines like a star in this residential neighborhood on its main road that previously erred on the side of professional versus retail. There is patio seating and a walk-up window as well as counter service.

Freshly made ice cream sandwiches for easy take out at the Ice Cream House
Handmade chocolates
Seasonal Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie—sold out for the holiday weekend!

Mike and Marla supported local music, vendors, and artists all summer long at the Coffee House and now they are bringing us an endless summer right here in landlocked “central Jersey” at the Ice Cream House. Remember, one of the last remaining perks of being a grown up is that you can have ice cream whenever you want!

Look for the bright awning livening up the area at 940 Amboy Ave in Edison and step inside. Ample free
parking, walk in or and a walk-up window service. Open 7 days a week, til 9PM Sunday to Thursday and
10PM on Friday and Saturday.

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