The Driver Era and The Wrecks Make A Strong Showcase For their Talents At Sold-out Asbury Lanes Show

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With the advent of live music and touring returning, several bands are making up for lost time and audiences are responding in suit. Two notable acts who are rising talents, ALT-pop/rock outfits The Wrecks and The Driver Era embraced their return to the stage with exuberance, go for broke energy and pure showmanship as they performed to a sold out show at Asbury Lanes. Both acts proved why they’re currently two of the most popular and genuine talents right now as they delivered sets that were exhilarating, full of crowd-pleasing moments and demonstrated a genuine musicality and artistry throughout. As direct support, The Wrecks currently LA-based but with members originating in Jersey, the band delivered a tight yet high-octane set full of fan favorites and choice cuts from their new record Infinitely Ordinary. Frontman Nick Anderson’s animated and vibrant performance was truly exciting to watch and the chemistry between each member was utterly seamless as well. The momentum and flair each member of The Wrecks brought to their set was vibrant and resulted in a dynamic set across the board.

The Wrecks
The Wrecks

As a live act, The Wreck’s upbeat and diverse sound was electrifying to watch and the balance between their large scale songs and more intimate ones offered a strong yet welcome contrast. Despite the brevity of their set, the band more than made it their own and crafted a tremendously joyous and passionate live experience in the process. Overall The Wrecks followed on their immense promise and also brought their recent record Infinitely Ordinary to life in an exciting, vivid and consistently entertaining fashion. Following in suit, The Driver Era consisting of brothers and songwriting partners Rocky and Ross Lynch formerly of the pop band R5, further brought the energy and spectacle in a passionate, powerhouse performance full of intensity, fun and style to spare. The Driver Era showcased an array of diverse sounds from full-throttle rock including a showstopping “Sex On Fire” cover to more slinky based pop and R&B numbers such as “Flashdrive” and “Give You What You Want” along with plenty of fan favorites integrated as well.

The Driver Era
The Driver Era

he bombastic energy of The Driver Era’s live set was utterly captivating to watch and the chemistry and musicianship exhibited was truly formidable to watch. Ross Lynch throughout the set was a commanding and magnetic frontman and him and Rocky Lynch displayed organic chemistry that was joyous and infectious to watch. The pure showmanship and go for broke energy poured into each song truly allowed The Driver Era to emerge as an accomplished, vital and engrossing live act that more than resonated with the sold out audience. Between the sheer scope of The Driver Era’s set and the kinetic burst of energy The Wrecks provided, both acts displayed compelling arguments for their entertainment value and artistry. All in All The Driver Era and The Wreck’s performances at Asbury Lanes were exhilarating indication of their respective talents and a reminder that they’re two of our most noteworthy and rising talents to witness.Be sure to follow both artists on all streaming and social media platforms for more information regarding show announcements and releases!

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