Jackson Pines Summer Tour Dates Announced

by Alice Magdziak • June 23, 2022 • Arts & Entertainment, MusicComments (0)440

Along with blueberries and the Jersey Devil, some of the best things to come out of the New Jersey Pine Barrens are live shows and songs from Jackson Pines. Speaking of those live shows, the Pines’ summer tour dates got released today and we get to announce them here!

All these dates make me particularly happy to see after the long drought of live local music during the COVID lockdown. What a pleasure to see our favorite bands live again. It will be very tempting to try and see as many of these shows as possible. Join us this Saturday in Jersey City on the first date right up top at 902 Brewing!

We talk about food a lot with all variety of the members of Jackson Pines but talking music is even more fun. Songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Joe Makoviecki is a fount of wisdom about music, NJ history, restaurants, poetry… basically, everything we also want to talk endlessly about. Ed and I even joke that when one of us sees numerous Instagram DMs all in a row, we know that the other one must be talking to Joe about something New Jersey related.

His love of music and history especially puts him dead center in the middle of our hearts because we love all the same things. And, his songs reflect all those interests. The lyrics are poetic and haunting and the musical arrangements (fleshed out by James Black, Cranston Dean, and James Heardman) are gorgeous.

Like different stands of trees, Jackson Pines appears in several different combinations–all of which are a treat to experience because different instruments get the spotlight in the different line-ups.

There’s the classic duo of Makoviecki and James Black on bass.
There’s a trio with Cranston Dean on drums.
photo via Michael Kravetsky @watermrk

Or full band, adding James Heardman in on violin.

So, get out your calendars and mark down the shows near your house, near where you will be vacationing, near a favorite restaurant, whatever gets you to one of these Jackson Pines gigs. This summer is your chance to see one of the most talented New Jersey bands in their prime. They’re also working on new music so there’s a good chance we all might get to hear some works in progress along with some of the deeper cuts that they like to roll out now and again. I’ve definitely gotten my requests in via IG DM already.

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