Fontaines DC Emerge as Vital Talent In Sold Out Stone Pony Performance

by Kenny Bieber • October 24, 2022 • Arts & Entertainment, MusicComments (0)359

The emergence of a rising talent is always an exciting prospect though it can be quite daunting for acts to live up to and maintain the hype. Thankfully, in the case of Irish punk rock band Fontaines DC that fear wasn’t present as they dominated a sold out show at the iconic Stone Pony in Asbury Park. It was a truly vibrant and committed performance that solidified their singular talents. The band has been on the rise for quite some time now and their frontman Grian Chattan’s physical and agile performance was a sight to behold. His raw yet passionate vocals breathed soul and vitality into each and every song on the setlist. The band itself displayed top notch musicianship and their intensity and emotion was truly something to behold. The eager crowd resonated greatly with tracks such as “Sha Sha Sha” and “Jackie Down The Line”. Fontaines DC managed to both create a live experience that was at once intimate yet explosive in impact and the results were genuinely thrilling and visceral to see unfold on stage.

Fontaines DC
Fontaines DC

In addition, opening band Wunderhorse also left a strong impression with their equally vibrant and high-energy sound with just the right mix of punk and ALT-rock to balance things out. Their live-wire stage presence proved to perfectly set the tone for the evening and despite their short set managed to truly leave an impact on the crowd.


Overall, when it comes to showcasing the true potential of rock and roll, Fontaines DC have more than proved it’s in good hands thanks to their captivating and soulful performance which rightfully satisfied their fanbase and earned them some new ones in the process. If you have yet to hear or see them do so soon as this is a band headed for some big places very soon.

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