Quality Living Debuts Fantastic New Single “Leaf”

by Ed Magdziak • July 6, 2023 • Arts & Entertainment, MusicComments (0)262

When I first heard Quality Living’s new single “Leaf” my immediate reaction was “this is a f’n banger.” If you are not familiar with Quality Living by now I cannot stress enough that you are missing out on one of the finest bands New Jersey has to offer. Their blend of sophisticated yet playful indie rock, mixed with lyrics that can be light one song and quite dark the next, always make for an interesting and exciting listen. “Leaf”, out today, is easily one of their best tunes yet.

Dissonant guitar, abrupt shifts in tempo and a passionate verbal delivery may be jarring to ears accustomed to listening to more straight ahead indie rock offerings. “That leaf is me, vibrating finnicking, too much caffeine, reaching out towards the sun”, guitarist/singer/songwriter Darrel Norrell sings as he ruminates on the duality of rebirth. There is hope here. But as always it walks side-by-side with worry and uncertainty. Who knows where you could end up? “Swimming in a diamond blue spring, floating with the lily pads and the algae, I could end up turning and the storms will toss me all alone in another country.”

Quality Living has never sounded so assured and unsure at the same time. I mean that in a good way. The chaotic nature of “Leaf” is exactly its strength. Take a listen and celebrate the uncertainty.

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