Yellowcard Reunite For Exhilarating Reunion Show Celebrating 20 Years of Ocean Avenue

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Endurance as a band in the music industry is something that is long desired but not always easily achieved. For rock act Yellowcard, who reunited at the Stone Pony Summer Stage to celebrate 20 years of their iconic album Ocean Avenue, their legacy was more than highlighted by their passionate, emotional and consistently exciting performance from front to back. The group’s organic chemistry and musicality remain fully intact and frontman Ryan Key’s sincere and commanding presence more than anchored the duration of the set. The band’s renditions of their notable hits “Ocean Avenue”, and “Only One” still resonated with audiences and each member captivated the stage and secured a tremendous connection, highlighting the band’s enduring appeal.

Story of the Year

In addition, the opening acts also delivered equally captivating performances. Story of The Year’s high-energy and invigorating set proved they’re still a vibrant talent and more than got the crowd on their feet providing the show with plenty of exuberance and adrenaline.

Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade also opened as well and in typical fashion highlighted why they’ve remained one of the most popular and endearing emo acts around. Their mix of confessional songs and soaring anthems more than registered on the summer-stage and their rendition of fan-favorite hit “Jersey” was more than satisfying to hear.



With a mix of top-shelf support acts and an incredible performance of an iconic record from a truly accomplished act, Yellowcard’s 20 year Anniversary of Ocean Avenue was an exhilarating and joyous reminder of the band’s legacy and showcases they’re still a vital and noteworthy talent to behold. For more information regarding future tour dates and announcements regarding Yellowcard, be sure to follow them on all social media and streaming platforms.

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