Orville Peck Captivates Asbury Park: A Night of Country Magic and Heartfelt Tributes at the Stone Pony Summer Stage

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Orville Peck’s performance at the Stone Pony Summer Stage in Asbury Park, NJ, was a night to remember, blending heartfelt country music with personal stories and unforgettable moments. With Abbey Cone and Goldie Boutilier as the opening acts, the evening was a perfect showcase of talent and emotion.

Abbey Cone

The night began with Abbey Cone, whose powerful and soulful voice captivated the audience. She opened her set with a haunting cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire,” immediately grabbing the crowd’s attention. She followed it up with her own song, “I Hate Springsteen,” a humorous yet charming number that showcased her wit and musical talent. Despite having just gone through a breakup the day before, Abbey’s performance was mesmerizing. Her set was further enriched by vocalist Brittney Spencer, who was recently featured on Beyoncé’s latest album, making their duo performance truly memorable.

Goldie Boutilier

Canadian singer-songwriter and model, Goldie Boutilier took the stage next and delivered an incredible performance. She has quite the unique sound and compelling stage presence, adding to the magic of the night. A particularly touching moment occurred when Goldie mentioned that her father was in the audience for the first time, cheering her on from the side of the stage. Meeting him there and seeing his pride made the experience even more special.

Orville Peck

Finally, it was time for Orville Peck. The crowd’s excitement built as the lights dimmed (the sunset). Known for his deep baritone voice and masked appearance, Orville opened his set with a powerful energy that immediately captivated the audience. His voice was nothing short of amazing, filled with an expressive and resonant quality that echoed through the night.

The audience was fabulous, with everyone dressed the part, wearing cowboy hats and boots. The all-inclusive and loving crowd added to the night’s magic, making it a great way to close out Pride Month. A standout moment was Orville’s interaction with the audience. Throughout the night, he threw roses into the crowd, dedicating them to specific fans. This personal touch made the concert feel intimate, despite the large venue. One particularly special dedication was a song he performed in honor of Bruce Springsteen, an ode to New Jersey that resonated deeply with the local crowd. Performing at The Stone Pony, a place where Springsteen first got his footing, added a significant layer of meaning to the tribute.

Orville Peck’s performance was a perfect way to spend a summer evening, celebrating music and community in the heart of Asbury Park. With memorable moments and passionate performances, it was a night that fans will cherish forever.

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