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We were taking in the local shopping in the Collingswood/Haddonfield area and stumbled onto La Guadalupana Mexican Restaurant in Westmont. You know you’re going to have a really fun experience with tacos when you see tongue and pork skin options on the menu.  Get ready to be hungry, folks!

These tacos were pork (carnitas), beef (cesina) and hard boiled egg (huevos duros).  The meat was cooked pretty well done which normally is not a good thing.  But, in these tacos, the meat became pleasantly toothsome and the flavor was so spot on that it was nice to have to chew on it for awhile.  I’ve never had a hard boiled egg taco but I will be looking for these more often.  It was a little breakfasty and a lot tasty. The egg taco also had rice and bell pepper in it.

Click on the More link to see what else we had at La Guadalupana.

We almost weren’t ready for the ride that the pork skin (chicharron) quesadilla took us on. Wow, what a flavor!  It was chewy and spicy along with a little bit of sweetness.  Woah, mama… now we’re really in it.  You can’t come back unchanged once you’ve had the pork skin quesadilla.

Finally, the chorizo burrito. If I wasn’t stuffed with tacos and incredible salsa verde served with freshly fried chips upon arrival, I would have fought Ed for that burrito. The meat was really saucy and the other stuffing ingredients were nice and fresh.  Not a boring old burrito.  This was a fiesta in my mouth. (Sorry)

Be aware that they don’t have a website and they don’t take credit cards…  so you know it’s the real thing, right?

Check out all our pictures from our incredible lunch in Westmont at La Guadalupana.

La Guadalupana’s Yelp page – since they don’t have a website

La Guadalupana

150 Haddon Ave., Westmont

(856) 858-1414

Open Mon-Sat 10 am – 9:30 pm


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